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1st International Conference on Advanced Production and Processing (ICAPP) is a comprehensive scientific conference with a focus on advanced research on production and processing in various fields of technology.

In order to honour the 60th Anniversary of the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, the home institution of ICAPP, the Conference will be launched this year, as well.

The 1st ICAPP, with the theme “Step Forward”, is devoted to the latest achievements and findings in Food Technology, Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals, Materials Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Refining, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Development. 

The main goal of the Conference is to present and discuss the recent progress and innovations, as well as new scientific breakthroughs and findings, within the Conference topics. Besides, the aim of the Conference is to bring the engineers form different fields of industry and science together and to initiate the networking, creation of new ideas, joint researches, new projects and innovations.

The 2nd ICAPP will be organized in 2021 at the same institution.

If you have missed the First Announcement you can find it HERE