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Dean's Word

Being a part of the Faculty of Technology is a great honor and responsibility. Sixty years since its founding and the legacy of all those generations of good technologists that our faculty has produced is what drives us, which inspires us to create an even better atmosphere to unleash the enormous potential of educating young engineers. It is our mission to stop, to better understand the needs of industry, science and education, to make an effort and to grow up with the changes of the ever faster development of society as a whole. The student must remain in the focus of our desires and aspirations towards a modern way of transmitting both old and new, modern, knowledge about the technological processes of production of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

All our activity should lead to one goal, and that is a better and more successful Faculty, which we will leave as such to all those new generations who do not forgive failure and who are looking for their place in the world of relentless competition. The Faculty of Technology is a house that provides them with shelter and offers the security of a beautiful and successful future. It is a great honor for us to have the opportunity to participate in education, development and creation of the best and most valuable product of modern society, and those are our technologists, visionaries, creatives, different, modern engineers. Being a graduate engineer of technology is a privilege that justifies the first places in the race for a better life.

Prof. Biljana Pajin Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad