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The purpose of the study program of doctoral studies is the training of personnel who contribute to the development of science, solving theoretical and practical problems in the field of technology engineering, the scientific field of biotechnology. Biotechnology study program provides education Ph.D. trained to maintain their original and relevant scientific research in the field of biochemical engineering and food biotechnology and the development of new technologies and procedures that contribute to the development and improvement of bioprocess engineering and biotechnological production.

Study program includes the upgrade, deepen and apply knowledge of basic and engineering disciplines, and training for transfer of laboratory conditions on the semi-industrial and industrial scale, for planning, design, operation and improvement of biotechnological processes. Biotechnology study program provides education students with a clear and distinctive profession in business and professions. The implementation of this kind of study program contributes the education of Ph.D.-Technological engineering who have socially reasonable and useful competences in European and world scale.

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