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About Faculty

The Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad was founded in 1959 with the aim of educating highly qualified personnel in the field of food engineering. A decade later, as part of the economic development of the former Yugoslavia, the need to invest in the petrochemical industry was recognized at the national level, which created the need for new professional staff. Therefore, the school year 1972/73. The Faculty of Technology expanded its educational offer and introduced new directions in the field of chemical, petrochemical engineering and materials, and the school year 1978/79. years and in the field of chemical-processing and pharmaceutical engineering. Today, classes at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad are conducted according to the newly reformed study programs in 10 study areas.

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Dean's Word

Being a part of the Faculty of Technology is a great honor and responsibility. Sixty years since its founding and the legacy of all those generations of good technologists that our faculty has produced is what drives us, which inspires us to create an even better atmosphere to unleash the enormous potential of educating young engineers. It is our mission to stop, to better understand the needs of industry, science and education, to make an effort and to grow up with the changes of the ever faster development of society as a whole. The student must remain in the focus of our desires and aspirations towards a modern way of transmitting both old and new, modern, knowledge about the technological processes of production of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

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Faculty of Technology Novi Sad was founded in 1959, with the aim to give academic education to technological and engineering staff in the sphere of food engineering. For more than 50 years, the Faculty has developed into highly ranked educational and scientific institution, both in our country as well as abroad. High level of academic education, scientific papers, scientific and educational projects, innovations, patents and other accomplishments of our employees in the sphere of food, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, as well as in biotechnology, have made our institution ranked very high among other institutions of this kind.

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Internal audit

Internal audit is a functionally independent organizational unit, performed by an internal auditor at the Faculty. Internal audit is an activity that provides independent objective assurance and advisory activity, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the Faculty's business.

Internal audit helps the Faculty to achieve its goals by systematically and disciplinedly assessing and evaluating risk management, control and governance of the Faculty.

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The Library of Faculty of Technology formally exists from the Faculty’s foundation and it is the largest Library today in the field of technical and technological sciences in Vojvodina.

The Library has a large collection of printed books, over 15.000 monographies and 940 serial units. The collection includes all kind of students’ papers such as final, bachelor, master theses, specialist papers and doctoral theses.
Publications from the whole Library’s collection are gathered in one electronic catalogue, which is located in University data basis and could be searched by Internet.

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