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Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry

Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry covers the scientific area of Technological and engineering chemistry. Groups of subjects under the jurisdiction of the Department are General and inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Colloid chemistry and Instrumental methods of analysis.

The Department is responsible for the study area (module) Quality Control of the study program Food Engineering.

Department members (teachers and associates)

  1. Dr. Jasna Čanadanović-Brunet, Full Professor, Head of the Department
  2. Dr. Ljiljana Popović, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department
  3. Dr. Mariana Ačanski, Full Professor
  4. Dr. Mirjana Antov, Full Professor
  5. Dr. Radomir Malbaša, Full Professor
  6. Dr. Sanja Podunavac-Kuzmanović, Full Professor
  7. Dr. Gordana Ćetković, Full Professor
  8. Dr. Jaroslava Švarc-Gajić, Full Professor
  9. Dr. Lidija Jevrić, Full Professor
  10. Dr. Jaroslav Katona, Associate Professor
  11. Dr. Snežana Kravić, Associate Professor
  12. Dr. Vesna Tumbas Šaponjac, Associate Professor
  13. Dr. Jasmina Vitas, Assistant Professor
  14. Dr. Jelena Vulić, Assistant Professor
  15. Dr. Strahinja Kovacevic, Assistant Professor
  16. Dr. Zorica Stojanovic, Assistant Professor
  17. Dr. Milica Karadzic Banjac, PhD Assistant
  18. Sandra Bučko, Assistant
  19. Tatjana Djordjevic, Assistant
  20. Stefan Vukmanović, Assistant

Extended members of the department (researchers)

  1. Dr. Slađana Stajčić, Research Associate
  2. Dr. Ana Đurović, Research Associate
  3. Dr. Kristian Pastor, Research Associate
  4. Dr. Tanja Brezo Borjan, Research Associate
  5. Nataša Nastić, Research Associate
  6. Irena Rakić, Research Associate
  7. Ljiljana Spasojević, Research Associate
  8. Jelena Čakarević, Research Associate
  9. Vanja Šeregelj, Research Associate
  10. Milica Perović, Intern Researcher
  11. Maja Milošević, Intern Researcher
  12. Marko Ilić, Intern Researcher