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Faculty of Technology Novi Sad was founded in 1959, with the aim to give academic education to technological and engineering staff in the sphere of food engineering. For more than 50 years, the Faculty has developed into highly ranked educational and scientific institution, both in our country as well as abroad. High level of academic education, scientific papers, scientific and educational projects, innovations, patents and other accomplishments of our employees in the sphere of food, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, as well as in biotechnology, have made our institution ranked very high among other institutions of this kind.

Education at the Faculty of Technology is implemented through accredited study programs of academic studies, at four levels (undergraduate, master, specialist and PhD level), in the scientific field of technical-technological sciences, and subfield of technological engineering.

The Faculty of Technology organizes studies at undergraduate level (Bachelor with Honours Engineer in Technology), master academic level (Master Engineer in Technology), specialist level (Specialist Engineer in Technology) and PhD level (Ph.D. in Technological Engineering), at five accredited study programs on undergraduate, master and PhD level, and two accredited programs at specialist level.

Important Events

Faculty of Technology


Establishment of the Faculty of Technology and enrollment of the first generation of students of food technology studies.

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Faculty of Technology


Entry of the Faculty into the University of Novi Sad as one of the seven founders.

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Faculty of Technology


Establishment of the Institute for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Technology.

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Faculty of Technology


Establishment of the Department for Chemical Engineering.

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Faculty of Technology


Establishment of the Department for Chemical-Processing and Pharmaceutical Engineering.

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Faculty of Technology


Returning the departments as organizational units of the Faculty.

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Faculty of Technology


Accreditation of the Laboratory for Packaging.

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Faculty of Technology


Accreditation of the Laboratory for Food Testing.

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Faculty of Technology


Establishment of courses Quality Control and Biochemical Engineering in undergraduate and master studies.

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Технолошки факултет


Reorganization of the Faculty due to the separation of the Institute of Food Technology.

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Технолошки факултет


Accreditation of five current study programs and start of work in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

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Технолошки факултет


Establishment of the study area of Eco-Energy Engineering in undergraduate and master studies.

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