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About Faculty

The Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad was founded in 1959 with the aim of educating highly qualified personnel in the field of food engineering. A decade later, as part of the economic development of the former Yugoslavia, the need to invest in the petrochemical industry was recognized at the national level, which created the need for new professional staff. Therefore, the school year 1972/73. The Faculty of Technology expanded its educational offer and introduced new directions in the field of chemical, petrochemical engineering and materials, and the school year 1978/79. years and in the field of chemical-processing and pharmaceutical engineering. Today, classes at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad are conducted according to the newly reformed study programs in 10 study areas.

During the previous 60 years of existence and work, the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad has developed into a scientific and educational institution of enviable reputation, not only in the country but also abroad. Which confirms that the Faculty of Technology consistently follows modern trends and high criteria in academic education at all levels, in science and research, preserving the acquired reputation and creating conditions for development and further progress.

With its high achievements in academic education, as well as numerous published scientific papers and announcements, projects, innovations, patents and other achievements of its associates, the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad has secured a significant place among elite institutions of this kind. What makes us stand out in particular is the largest number of published scientific papers in top scientific journals per researcher in the entire country. We are also very proud of our associates and students who win significant awards for their scientific achievements very often. In addition, we can boast of numerous scientific projects of both national and international importance, as well as conferences that are organized.

Cooperation with the economy, at different levels, is an important factor in the development of the Faculty of Technology. One of the indicators of how much the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad attaches importance to cooperation with the economy is that today we have here most of the partners from the economy with whom we cooperate through student internships, innovative projects, staff training, as well as in many other fields. various solutions and possibilities for the transfer of scientific knowledge, as well as the application of new technologies in the economy. We are very proud of all our partners from the economy, and especially of those who came out of the bench of the Faculty of Technology and achieved enviable success in their careers.