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Food Microbiology and Safety

The aims of the study program Food Microbiology and Safety on specialist academic studies are to expand students’ knowledge gained during master academic studies in the field of Technological Engineering (Food Microbiology and Safety). Development of creative skills necessary for organization, realization and control of microbiological safety and control of food in its every segment (raw material, intermediate products and final products), for all subjects in the food chain business, as well as for organization, realization and control of microbiological analysis an accredited and factory laboratories and scientific institutions are also aims of this study program.

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Cosmetic Technology

The program of Specialist academic studies Cosmetic Technology is focused on the acquisition of academic knowledge and practical skills necessary for independent managing of the technological process of production of cosmetics and personal care products and, also, for solving the existing problems inherent in the production process. Expanding the knowledge acquired within the master academic studies with new knowledge in the field of cosmetic technology allows specialists to independently and creatively solve the problem formulation and reformulation of certain groups of cosmetic products, professional and competent selection of appropriate equipment and technological process of production, as well as to influence the factors of colloidal and microbiological stability of the finished products, which meet the modern requirements of quality, safety and efficiency.

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