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Pharmaceutical Engineering

Study programme Pharmaceutical Engineering educates students with clear and in economy recognizable profession and occupation, i.e. it educates engineers who possess socially justified and useful competence in European and worldwide frameworks. In the framework of study programme Pharmaceutical engineering specialists are trained and educated to organize and run production, process independently or in a team, in pharmaceutical industry, control raw material, intermediate products, final products, improve and optimize current and develop new technologies and procedures.

Engineers are trained to solve theoretical and practical problems in the field of technological engineering, project pharmaceutical production, run original and scientifically relevant researches and development of new technologies and procedures in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, which contribute to the development of pharmaceutical products. The necessary skills for analysis and synthesis of processes in pharmaceutical production are developed, as well as for analysis of interaction of pharmaceutical processes and the environment in order to protect it, and the skills for presentation and report of one’s results to specialist and wider audience. At master academic studies at the study programme Pharmaceutical Engineering there is a subject which is common for all study programs, while students of Pharmaceutical Engineering can choose due to their own aptitudes and wishes among three more subjects, one from each three optional blocks.

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