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Department of Food Preservation Engineering

Department of Food Preservation Engineering (formerly Department of Food Preservation Technology) was established as an organizational unit of the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad in 1992. Actually, department was developed from Food Preservation Course, which was founded in the same year as the Faculty (1959), with the aim of providing academic education for food technology engineers.

Department organizes academic education at all three levels of study: undergraduate, master and doctoral studies within the study program Food Engineering, study module Food Preservation Technology, as well as specialization in Microbiological Food Safety. Major professional subject allow students to develop theoretical and technical knowledge in the Meat Technology, Dairy Technology, Processing Technology of Vegetable Oils and Fats, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technologies and Ready Meal Technology. Department staff participate in realisation of other programs/module, too.

The studies within the module Food Preservation Technology provide food engineers, professionals, with a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities to work in the food industry, complex industrial systems, companies for packaging and packaging materials and equipment processing, project organizations, scientific, professional and educational institutions, organizations engaged in the distribution and food quality control as well as services for the control of hygiene and sanitation and food safety.

Research activities at the Department are oriented to the realization of national/provincial and international research projects resulting in number of scientific publications. Department has been recognized through the organisation of traditional conferences, seminars, courses for training and education of professionals in the field of food preservation technology.

Department members (teachers and associates)

  1. Dr. Aleksandra Tepić Horecki, Full Professor, Head of the Department
  2. Dr. Suncica Kocić-Tanackov, Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of the department
  3. Dr. Vera Lazić, Full Professor
  4. Dr. Gordana Dimić, Full Professor
  5. Dr. Vladimir Tomović, Full Professor
  6. Dr. Mirela Iličić, Associate Professor
  7. Dr. Senka Popović, Assistant Professor
  8. Dr. Katarina Kanurić, Assistant Professor
  9. Dr. Marija Jokanović, Assistant Professor
  10. Dr. Ranko Romanić, Assistant Professor
  11. Dr. Zdravko Šumić, PhD Assistant
  12. Dr. Branislav Šojić, PhD Assistant
  13. Dr. Nevena Hromiš, PhD Assistant
  14. Dr. Dajana Vukić, PhD Assistant

Extended members of the department (researchers)

  1. Dr. Snežana Škaljac, Research Associate
  2. Dr. Vladimir Vukić, Research Associate
  3. Dr. Danijela Šuput, Research Associate
  4. Sandra Bulut, Research Associate
  5. Maja Ivić, Research Associate
  6. Anita Vakula, Research Associate
  7. Tanja Lužaić, Research Associate
  8.  Tatjana Daničić, Intern Researcher
  9. Jovana Ugarković, Intern Researcher
  10. Jovana Degenek, Intern Researcher