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Laboratory for Testing Food Products

Since its founding, the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, along with the development of the profession, has also developed laboratories, nurturing the tradition of good laboratory practice not only in terms of scientific research, but also in cooperation with users of its services.

In accordance with the requirements of the modern world market and business, in order to provide its users with maximum reliability, timeliness and confidentiality of laboratory testing services, in 2002. the Faculty of Technology established the LABORATORY FOR TESTING FOOD PRODUCTS. In 2003. the LABORATORY acquired accreditation in accordance with requirements of the standard SRPS ISO / IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing laboratories and calibration laboratories.

In 2020, the LABORATORY harmonized its work with the requirements of the version of the SRPS ISO / IEC 17025 standard from 2017 (Accreditation Certificate, accreditation number 01-059).

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Laboratory for Packaging and Packing

From the need to improve the production and use of packaging materials and packaging, in 1971 Laboratory for Packaging and packaging was founded in Novi Sad. Prof. dr Milivoje Curaković was the founder and first LABORATORY Director. Today, LABORATORY team is consisted of: prof. dr Vera Lazic LABORATORY - Director, dr Senka Popović - Quality Manager, dr Nevena Hromiš and dr Danijela Šuput - coordinators and Sava Popov - technician. In 1996, the LABORATORY was first accredited and designated as YUAL 017 (Decision on accreditation).

Since 1996, the LABORATORY regularly pass checking and re-accreditations according to system JUS ISO 17025: 2001 and ISO 17025: 2006, by JUAT or ATS, which is evidenced by the current Accreditation Certificate, accreditation number 01-067 from 2017.

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Laboratory for Materials in Cultural Heritage

The LABORATORY FOR MATERIALS IN CULTURAL HERITAGE examines historical materials, develops new functional materials for cleaning and protection of tangible cultural heritage and establishes new methods for testing.

The LABORATORY examines built-in components and products of degradation processes of immobile cultural heritage including inorganic, organic and biological compounds. The LABORATORY performs testing of different movable and immovable artworks. It identifies painting methods, wall and easel painting techniques, and determines artworks authenticity. The LABORATORY carries out comprehensive characterization of materials, determination of their state of art, containing details about causes, mechanisms and level of degradation, and offers expert advice for optimal healing, conservation and restoration. The LABORATORY performs scientific research in the fields of development of new functional materials for cleaning and protection of cultural heritage objects and establishment of modern methodologies for testing of novel materials functionality and impact.

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