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Department of Basic Engineering Disciplines

The Department participates in the educational process at all study programs in the process of teaching at bachelor, master and PhD level of studies. Most of the courses held at the Department are carried out at the first and second year of undergraduate studies. The Department organizes classes in the following subjects: Mathematics: I and II, Engineering Statistics, Physical Chemistry, Technical Thermodynamics, Energy Efficiency of Technological Processes, Catalysis and Catalytic Processes, Environmental Monitoring, English and numerous other subjects.

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Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry

Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry covers the scientific area of Technological and engineering chemistry. Groups of subjects under the jurisdiction of the Department are General and inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Colloid chemistry and Instrumental methods of analysis.

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Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering represents the practical application of chemistry, mathematics, physics, information technology, ecology and economy in the creation of new and improvement of existing technological processes and products, through specially designed experiments and using modern software packages.

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Department of Carbohydrate Food Engineering

Educational and scientific topics, at Department for Carbohydrate Food Engineering, include production of food that has carbohydrates as basic ingredient. Subjects taught are Technology of grain storage and milling, Technology of baking, pastry and pasta, Technology of starch and products of starch, Technology of chocolate, cookies and sweets and Technology of sugar.

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Department of Food Preservation Engineering

Department of Food Preservation Engineering (formerly Department of Food Preservation Technology) was established as an organizational unit of the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad in 1992. Actually, department was developed from Food Preservation Course, which was founded in the same year as the Faculty (1959), with the aim of providing academic education for food technology engineers.

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