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Quality Control

The real definition of quality makes sense only if the way of its achievement is taken into account. Due to these reasons, students of the study programme Food engineering, study field Quality control are not only informed about technological procedures of food products production of different groups, equipment and processes in food industry but also about ways and techniques of quality control. In the framework of the study field, the students are offered theoretical knowledge about basic issues and practical application of instrumental, chemical, sensory and microbiological methods of analysis. Through high number of classes of practical teaching classes in laboratories on modern analytical equipment students will find challenges of this technological-analytical specialty.

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Food Preservation Technologies

As a part of Food Engineering, study field of Food Preservation Technologies deals with processing of raw materials of animal and plant origin into great number of food products. Engineers of this study field are trained to work in power-plants of food preservation industry, complex industrial systems, project organizations, organizations that produce equipment for this field, scientific, expert, educational institutions, organizations dealing with distribution and quality control as well as in services for supervision of sanitary and health safety of food products.

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Carbohydrate Food Engineering

In accordance with the long-term tradition, study field Carbohydrate food engineering deals with objective definition of raw materials quality, intermediate products and final products in sugar industry, starch industry, wheat products industry, bakery and confectionery products industry. By the application of instrumental, physicochemical and sensory methods on the modern equipment, the processing parameters are analyzed and defined and their interactions aiming at technological procedures improvement. At this study field the human resources are successfully trained to independently organize, run, improve and innovate technological procedures in wheat processing technologies, bakery products, sugar, starch and confectionary products technologies.

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