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Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

The employees are active in teaching at all levels of study, scientific and professional work in the field of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering. Since the founding of the Faculty of Technology, teaching of classical biotechnological processes (technology of beer, wine, yeast, bioethanol) has been entrusted to the employees of the Department of Microbiological Processes, a forerunner of a part of the current Department. Over time, the curriculum was expanded and qualitatively upgraded and now the Department is responsible for modules: Food Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering (including modern processes such as Genetic Engineering and Bioseparation Processes).

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Department of Oil and Petrochemical Engineering

Study area of the Department of Oil and Petrochemical Engineering is based on the application of chemical engineering in the crude oil refining, natural-gas processing, and petrochemicals production. Through programs of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, this study area enables the gaining of knowledge necessary for the processing of raw materials and production, research, development, and application of petroleum, gas and petrochemical products, as well as their environmentally friendly substituents, including alternative fuels.

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Department of Materials Engineering

At the Department of Materials Engineering students acquire knowledge at all three levels of study: undergraduate, master and doctoral. The Department of Materials Engineering deals with the education of students in the field of obtaining new and improving of the existing ceramic and polymer materials, all in accordance with the requirements set by the latest scientific trends.

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