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Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

The employees are active in teaching at all levels of study, scientific and professional work in the field of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering. Since the founding of the Faculty of Technology, teaching of classical biotechnological processes (technology of beer, wine, yeast, bioethanol) has been entrusted to the employees of the Department of Microbiological Processes, a forerunner of a part of the current Department. Over time, the curriculum was expanded and qualitatively upgraded and now the Department is responsible for modules: Food Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering (including modern processes such as Genetic Engineering and Bioseparation Processes).

Since 1978, a new course of Chemical-Processing and Pharmaceutical Engineering that precedes the present study program of Pharmaceutical Engineering has been introduced. The part of employees of the Department is involved in teaching of vocational subjects in the framework of this program for many years. In accountability of the Department are also three Specialized Study programs – Microbiological Food Safety, Oenology and Cosmetic technology.

The scientific work of the members of the Department is carried out through numerous local (provincial and national) and international (EUREKA, COST) projects. Furthermore, cooperation with scientific institutions in the region and Europe and professional trainings for young Departmentˈ members in selected European institutions are integral part of the scientific work.

Many members of the Department are active in the knowledge transfer through: collaboration with industry, the framework of accredited Laboratory for testing food products, performing a range of courses (Chemical Advisor, Basics of Microbiological Food Safety, etc.), and through series of agreements on technical cooperation with various national and international companies.

Department members (teachers and associates)

  1. Dr. Siniša Markov, Full Professor, Head of the Department
  2. Dr. Siniša Dodić, Full Professor, Deputy Head of the Department
  3. Jelena Dodić, Ph.D, Full Professor
  4. Dr. Zoran Zekovic, Full Professor
  5. Dr. Marina Šćiban, Full Professor
  6. Dr. Jelena Pejin, Full Professor
  7. Dr. Dragoljub Cvetković, Full Professor
  8. Dr. Senka Vidović, Associate Professor
  9. Dr. Jovana Grahovac, Associate Professor
  10. Dr. Lidija Petrović, Associate Professor
  11. Dr. Vladimir Puškaš, Associate Professor
  12. Dr. Vesna Vučurović, Associate Professor
  13. Dr. Bojana Bajić, Assistant Professor
  14. Dr. Damjan Vučurović, Assistant Professor
  15. Dr. Uroš Miljić, Assistant Professor
  16. Dr. Branimir Pavlić, Assistant Professor
  17. Dr. Jelena Prodanović, Assistant Professor
  18. Dr. Aleksandra Ranitović, Assistant Professor
  19. Dr. Zorana Roncević, Assistant Professor
  20. Dr. Jadranka Fraj, Assistant Professor
  21. Dr. Jelena Vladić, PhD Assistant
  22. Dr. Dragana Kukić, PhD Assistant
  23. Dr. Ana Tomić, Assistant
  24. Jovana Đuran, Assistant
  25. Milana Pribić, Assistant

Extended members of the department (researchers)

  1. Dr. Vesna Vasić, Research Associate
  2. Dr. Aleksandra Cvetanović, Research Associate
  3. Dr. Miloš Radosavljević, Research Associate
  4. Dr. Ružica Tomičić, Research Associate
  5. Dr. Jelena Milinković-Budinčić, Research Associate
  6. Dr. Ivana Mitrović, Research Associate
  7. Dr. Ivana Pajčin, Research Associate
  8. Dr. Nevena Blagojev, Research Associate
  9. Aleksandra Gavarić, Research Associate
  10. Vanja Vlajkov, Research Associate
  11. Ida Zahović, Research Associate
  12. Jovana Gucunski, Intern Researcher
  13. Olja Šovljanski, Intern Researcher