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Project Team

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The Consortium of the proposed project (RP-DEMATEN) consists of six participants:

  1. Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia (FTUNS),
  2. University Duisburg-Essen, Germany (UDE),
  3. Institute of Materials Science, National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece (IMSNCSR),
  4. Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, ASCR, v.v.i., Czech Republic (IMCASCR),
  5. Institute of Materials Research, Slovak Academy of Science, Slovakia (IMRSAS),
  6. Department of Ceramics and Polymers, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic (DCPBUT).

Coordinator of the RP-DEMATEN project will be Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad (FTUNS) represented by Prof. Dr. Vladimir V. Srdic. The project coordinator will manage the RP-DEMATEN with the assistance of the Project Management Board (PMB). Members of the PMB will be representative of each participant (FTUNS - Prof. Dr. Jaroslava Budinski-Simendic, UDE - Prof. Dr. Markus Winterer, NCSRIMS - Dr. Evagelia Moshopoulou, IMCASCR - Dr. Milena Spirkova, IMRSAS - Prof. Dr. Jan Dusza and DCPBUT - Prof. Dr. Karel Maca) and the project coordinator (Prof. Dr. Vladimir V. Srdic). The project coordinator with the assistance of the PMB will be responsible for detailed planning of technical work, deliverables, detailed monitoring of technical progress, preparation of technical progress reports, setting deadlines, approving of time records and other steps in the field of administration. The project coordinator will be the link between the project and the European Commission and is a decision-making authority concerning project policy and strategy in the framework of the contract, but in consulting with the Project Management Board. The project coordinator will also be responsible for negotiations regarding budgetary aspects, the organization and managements of PMB meetings, technical reports, and preparation of cost statements. The PMB will supervise the project, emphasise important topics and give binding advice in case of difficulties. The PMB is authorised to ask for external advice in order to maintain progress in the process.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Vladmir V. Srdić, full professor. Education: M.Sc in Technology – Chemical Engineering in 1989; Ph.D. in Technology - Advanced Materials, FTUNS in 1995. Research fellowship: Alexander von Humboldt (1997-1998), Materials Science Department, Darmstadt University of Technology (MSD-DUT), Germany. Visiting researcher: MSD-UT, Germany in 2000, 2002 and 2003 (all together 6 months). Coordinator of national project: “Synthesis of nanopowders and processing of ceramics and nanocomposites for application in novel technologies” (2006- ), granted by the Serbian Ministry of Science, 142059. Participation in European project: “Electroceramics from Nanopowders Produced by Innovative Methods” (2005- ) COST 539 - MC member & STSM coordinator; “Chemical Solution Deposition of Thin Films” (2004-2005) COST 528. Bilateral cooperation: Romanian Academy of Sciences, Timisoara, Romania (2003-2006), Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2004-2006). Meetings: Chief organizer of four traditional international meeting for young researchers - Students Meeting (held since 2001 in Novi Sad), “Processing and characterization of ceramics”. Membership: Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia, Corresponding Member, European Ceramics Society (representative of Serbia), Serbian Chemical Society. References: One book, 29 papers in peer-reviewed journals, citation 141.

E-mail: srdicvv@uns.ac.rs
Phone: +381 21 485 3665

Project Management Board

Dr. Jaroslava Budinski-Simendić, associate professor. Education: M.Sc. in Technology - Polymer materials, in 1989; Ph.D. in Technology - Polymer Materials, FTUNS in 1996. Visiting researcher: Polymer Networks Laboratory, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (1991-1992); Kansas Polymer Research Center, Pittsburg State University, USA (two months in 2006.); Polymer Science & Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA (2006). Coordination of national project: “Structuring of polymeric materials” (2006- ), Granted by Secretary for Science and Development of Province Vojvodina. Coordination of international projects: “WUS project for University course Elastomeric materials”, Austria (2006), Grant No. 124-2006. "Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane foams" (2003-2006), Granted by FYRO Macedonia. References: 45 publications in scientific journals and monographies, citations 166.

E-mail: jarka@uns.ac.rs
Phone: +381 21 485 3763

Dr. Markus Winterer, full professor. Education: B.S. in Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg and the Westfälische Wilhelms-University (WWU) of Münster; Ph.D. in Natural sciences in 1989 (for research in physical chemistry on paramagnetic hyperfine structure of rare earth ions in glasses) at WWU of Münster. Visiting scholar: Materials Science Division of the Argonne National Laboratory (USA) on chalcogenide clusters encapsulated in molecular sieves for the catalytic conversion of methane, supported by a Feodor-Lynen fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. Habilitation degree: The Institute of Materials Science at Darmstadt University of Technology in 2001 for research on synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline ceramics. Current research topics: The development of processes for the controlled synthesis and deposition of nanoparticles from the gas phase and the preparation of functional nanomaterials for a wide range of potential applications. Professional activities: Member of CeNIDE, the Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen; vice speaker of the collaborative research center “Nanoparticles from the Gas Phase” (SFB 445) and speaker of the research training group “Nanotronics – Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics from Nanoparticles” both funded by the German Research foundation; Organized two international workshops (2004 Satellite meeting to Nano 2004 in Wiesbaden, 2006), one spring course (May 2007) in Duisburg.

E-mail: markus.winterer@uni-duisburg.de
Phone: +49 203 379 4446

Dr. Evagelia G. Moshopoulou, senior scientist. Education: Ph.D. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Crystallography, University Joseph Fourier, France 1995. Postdoctoral Research Associate: Condensed Matter Physics, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA (1995–1998). Staff scientist: Powder Diffraction, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA (1998–2000); NCSRIMS since 2000. Visiting scientist: University of California Davis, Davis, California, USA (six months in 2004). Awards: Academy of Grenoble, 1990; French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1990, 1995; French Ministry of National Education and Research, 1991; French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1995; Greek Ministry for Development - General Secretariat for Research and Technology return-grant for attracting outstanding Greek scientists back to Greece; selected first among thirty-two candidates, 2000. Participation in European projects: “Electroceramics from nanopowders produced by innovative ways (ELENA)” (2005- ), COST 539 – MC member; “Emergent Behavior of Correlated Matter (ECOM)” (2005- ), COST P16 – MC member; Participant to the “Access to Large Scale Facilities” European Program. Bilateral cooperations: with Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, (2006- ); with Institute Laue Langevin, France (2006- ). Professional activities: Manuscript referee for numerous journals; Evaluator of research proposals. References: 33 papers in peer reviewed journals, citations 716.

E-mail: evagelia@ims.demokritos.gr
Phone: +30 210 650 3320


Dr. Milena Špirková, senior scientist. Education: M.Sc. Technical University Prague, Institute of Chemical Technology, 1977; Ph.D. at Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague, 1988. Visiting scientist: Postdoctoral stay, Université de La Rochelle, France - (1 year in 1994/95) and (5 months in 1995/96); Chalmers techniska hőgskola, Gőteborg, Sweden (two months in 1998). Leader of two projects granted by the Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic: “Novel hybrid organic-inorganic coatings and films” (2001-2003) and “New multifunctional self-assembled nanocomposite materials” (2005-2009), and one granted by Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic “Development, testing and applications of novel catalysts for PUR systems”, From 1998 to 2004 responsible for projects concerned with polyurethane elastomer preparation and characterization (Kaučuk, Kralupy Ltd., Czech Republic). References: 49 original papers in peer reviewed journals, citation 257.

E-mail: spirkova@imc.cas.cz
Phone: +420 296 809 384

Prof. Dr. Jan Dusza - Deputy director for science, Head of the Structural Ceramics Department and NANOSMART, physicist, is a scientist with an international reputation in the field of development/testing and characterization of brittle materials and has a wide experience in organization of international conferences (e.g., Fractography of Advanced Ceramics) and coordination of international projects (e.g. EC - 5FP – Structural Integrity of Ceramic Multilayers and Coatings, EC – 6FP Network for Nanostructured Materials – NENAMAT, coordinator, Knowledge-based Mullticomponent Materials - KMM-NoE). Since 1989 he spent a number of years at the world leading research institutions and was awarded by Alexander von Humboldt, Liese Meitner, Hertha Filnberg and European Commission Fellowships. Publications: 220, beside these 5 monography. Membership: Member of numerous international organizations/committees, (e.g. CEN, ESIS – head of TC6 Ceramics, VAMAS, Euroscience) and scientific board of international Journals.

E-mail: dusza@imrnov.saske.sk
Phone: +421 55 7922 462

Assoc. Prof. Karel Maca, Ph.D. Education: M.Sc. in Physics of the Solid State (Masaryk University, Brno, 1987), Ph.D. in Physical and Material Engineering (Brno University of Technology, 1997), Research activities within last five years: Processing and properties of advanced ceramics (mainly focused on sintering process and nanoceramics). Visiting researcher: Birmingham University, UK (2 weeks in 1993 and 2 weeks in 1995); Rolls&Royce, Bristol, UK (2 weeks in 1994 and 2 weeks in 1995); Sesimbra, Portugal, NATO Course Mechanical Behaviour of Materials at High Temperature (2 weeks 1994). Coordinator of national project: “Processing of Electroceramics from Nanopowders)” (2006-2009), Czech Ministry of Education Grant No. OC102. Co-author of more than 30 international and national research reports focused on advanced ceramics (bioceramics, electroceramics and nanoceramics processing and properties). Participation in European project: Action COST 539 “Electroceramics from Nanopowders Produced by Innovative Methods” (2005-2009), member of Management Committee. References: SCI-15 papers, 23 citations; more than 30 publications not included in SCI. Membership: European Ceramic Society.

E-mail: maca@fme.vutbr.cz
Phone: +420 54114 3344