CEFSER is the FP7 project dedicated to the reinforcement of research capacities at the Laboratory for Chemical Contaminants in Food and the Environment (LabCHEMCONT) at the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, in order to become a unique Western Balkan Country (WBC) Centre of Excellence in Food Safety and Emerging Risks. Through postulated general objectives such as capital investments in a highly sophisticated analytical instrument, upgrading of the existing equipment, reinforcement of the human resources (hiring, mobility, etc), and networking with advanced EU institutions, CEFSER integrates LabCHEMCONT and the Faculty of Technology within the European Research Area, contributing to general harmonization of R&D within the food safety and emerging risks research.
The EC reviewers evaluated the CEFSER proposal with the highest score, 15/15.
Presentation of the CEFSER project during FP7 KBBE-BROKERAGE event 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal, October 2009
Project plan
The CEFSER action plan is a coherent set of measures:
Exchange of know-how and scientific experience between Faculty of Technology and the networking partners
Hiring of new researchers in order to promote and stimulate new and modern working environment at Faculty of Technology
Acquisition of the capital research equipment and upgrading of the existing one at Lab CHEMCONT
Knowledge transfer at national, regional and international level though trainings and events with invited EU scientists organized at Faculty of Technology and participation in international meetings
Dissemination and promotional activities to ensure increased visibility of LabCHEMCONT and Faculty of Technology and enhance CEFSER efficiency
All these measures will contribute to establish the CEFSER as a modern research unit at Faculty of Technology able to meet the following requirements in future: scientific research in joint EU projects, knowledge transfer due to raising awareness on food and environmental safety, reference WBC point for perfluorinated compounds and networking with prestigious EU labs, training center and attractive research lab for new PhD students, encouraging of two-way researchers mobility, etc.